How Aryan Jakhar Turned From A Social Media Influencer To A Journalist ?

Published: 2022-02-19
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How Aryan Jakhar Turned From A Social Media Influencer To A Journalist ?

Aryan Jakhar, was born in July 2001 (sources) in Jaipur Rajasthan. He was born in a Jaat family of Sikar, Rajasthan. His father is a Doctor, his mother is a Politician and his sister is a lawyer by profession. 


He went to Sanskar School, Saint Xavier's Sr. Sec. School and then he joined Manipal University. He is currently pursuing his Bachelor's. 


The story behind turning into Journalist from a Social Media Influencer


He started making videos on TikTok in 2018 and from there his journey begins. After becoming famous on TikTok he started his journey as a social media influencer in 2018. In 2020 after TikTok got banned in India he stopped making videos anymore and also left the journey of a social media influencer. After that, he started pursuing his Bachelor's, and then he became a journalist. He started his internships at BusinessUpturn in 2021. He got experience from Business Upturn. As earlier he was a social media influencer, due to which people were aware of him. So, he started getting a good response from his writing skills, after which people started reading news articles written by him. 


After a few months, only he left BusinessUpturn and join some other news media organisations such as The Liberal Journal, TruthUnfold, etc. After some time he again other organisations and started his own news website portal "The Shining Media."


In late 2021 he started his own news website portal. He gained an amazing response from there. He started recruiting interns and after recruiting interns he started teaching them like time management, the way of writing news articles using 5Ws and 1H rule, and punctuality. 


He trained more than 20 interns within 30 days after he started his own news website portal. 



Now, he is working as a reputed journalist.

Why did he start "The Shining Media"?

He started The Shining Media so he can train some new upcoming journalists who really want to come into journalism. Who really wants to get into journalism as a journalist. He started so he can train some upcoming journalists whose writing skills are good in writing. 

Also, he told us that because there is some journalist in the journalist who doesn't do real journalism but to earn money they do journalism and he wants to remove that thing due to white people don't want to see the news on television as they can also observe that news media organization take money from the Govt. and do favour to them. 

He also mentioned in an interview with us that he really wants to see that people should believe in journalism and more and more content readers and viewers should get. Readers and viewers want is unbiasedness which is not in the industry today. People want true stories which are 100% true. Today public needs Young, Hard-working journalists who really should do true reporting/journalism. 

He started writing news articles when he was just around 19 years and he got an amazing response from the public. After which he decided to become a journalist who will never be afraid of showing the truth to the public. Then he got some experience by doing internships in the media houses and then a few months later he started his own news-web site which gives space to the young journalist. 

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