How to Get Free Online Advertising for Your Business

Published: 2019-11-19
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Someone told me one day that there was someone from her job who wanted to start a plumbing business. They wanted to target local businesses looking for handymen and affordable plumbing services for their offices, and asked me how I would recommend marketing it, for free if it was possible. Following this question I decided to tell her how I see many opportunities for local businesses to market themselves effectively online. And what do I mean when I say effectively? I mean more emails, leads, phone calls, enquiries, and customers which requires more focus on online advertising.

One of the major drawbacks of small businesses is that they do not have a budget like the big corporations have, on the other hand, you can look at it as an advantage because a small business needs far fewer customers from big business and therefore less money can suffice and even be over and above if marketing is done well!

How to get free advertising to begin your online marketing journey

Marketing local businesses on Google My Business

Google Business is a local business profile builder that aims to show relevant businesses on a map to give the local business searcher the best local business results. Google My Business can help local businesses get more customers by attracting people from local and surrounding areas.

Directory Submission

Something essential to improve your online presence is by listing your website on small business directory sites. Internet users search these directories directly, and search engines will consider this when rating your overall online business presence. Many search engines consider your brand’s presence on the Internet. Think of these directories as signs pointing and voting on your business.

Classified Advertising

Classified ads are one of the most important strategies you can use as a small business owner. There are hundreds of dedicated classified websites that provide free advertising out there and you look for them with a simple google search. On many of them, you can post an ad without having to be logged in. The ads you post can help on SEO optimization too, generating a backlink to your website and driving new free traffic. You can sell your services, post out when you have discounts and so much more on classifieds sites.

DIY Marketing local businesses through local organic SEO

Beyond Google's tremendous power of Google My Business - see the first tip I mentioned - local keywords are easier to rank, effective and long-lasting. The reason is very simple - local companies have less competition which makes local organic keywords easier. Local businesses that do organic SEO for local phrases will get results faster and FREE if done DIY. But be careful SEO requires patience and understanding of the Google algorithm changes, good practices and policies.

Marketing local businesses through remarketing

Remarketing is actually advertising that focuses on people who have already visited the website or landing page of the business. The ability to advertise to those people again is tremendous and many times undermines the effectiveness of the campaign. Some services like MailChimp provides free access to landing page builder (no coding needed) up until 2000 leads.

In summary, the challenge facing a local business is to reach a targeted and relevant customer audience located near the business. The capabilities of strategies such as directory submission and free classified advertising to reach relevant customer audiences from the business area is strong enough to provide the business owner with targeted exposure that will allow the business to receive inquiries from new customers regularly.

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